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FPN Capital Campaign

2014 Capital Campaign

These are the faces of people we serve—with groceries at the end of the month when the money has run out; after school meals to carry school children through until the following school meal; a nutritious midday lunch or weekend dinner at the neighborhood soup kitchen. Through our network of 38 charitable pantries and social service agencies, the Food Pantry Network provides food throughout Licking County. Since 2000, our volunteers have distributed over 20 million pounds of food and grocery products. In 2013, we have supplied food for more than 3,600 meals every day, a 9.79 percent increase in meals from 2012!

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Hunger undermines lives; it threatens student performance and adult productivity. In extreme, it overwhelms any other basic human need. We believe passionately that no one should go hungry. The Food Pantry Network of Licking County is committed to feeding hungry people now and as long as the need for food continues.

Food PantryThe Food Pantry Network of Licking County is a cooperative that was established in 1981 to coordinate the acquisition and distribution of emergency food supplies by working through its member food agencies. The largest support comes from the local community in the form of cash contributions and food drives. The Network receives funds from the Federal Emergency Management Association and C.R.O.P Walk, and it is also associated with the Mid-Ohio Food Bank in Columbus. There are 32 member pantries and social service agencies who distribute food or provide on-site feeding programs for the needy. The vast majority who work to distribute food are volunteers.

The Food Pantry Network was started in 1981 by a group of downtown churches and pantries responding to the hunger need. In 1987, the Food Pantry Network of Licking County was chartered as a 501-3 organization with the determination to ensure that no one in Licking County would have cause to suffer from hunger. Twenty Seven years later, the Food Pantry Network continues to hold true to its purpose that no one in our area goes hungry.

Working toward this goal, the network strives daily to accomplish the mission of acquiring, storing, and distributing nutritious food to the financially deprived and otherwise needy in Licking County. The work of the Food Pantry Network is accomplished on a daily basis through the operation of food pantries, soup kitchens, emergency shelters, youth camps and after-school programs. The affiliated pantries utilize over 300 volunteers in fighting the war against hunger.